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The Fellowship of Word and Spirit was founded in 1984. It was originally closely linked with Oak Hill Theological College, which trains people for the Anglican ministry in a conservative evangelical tradition, through Rev. Dr. Paul Gardner, a former New Testament lecturer.

From the beginning, our goal was to promote genuine fellowship between believers committed to the infallibility of Scripture, and who are broadly in the Reformed tradition of the church. We do this through our conference program, whose relaxed style and opportunity for genuine interaction is especially valued; and in occasional larger conferences, with speakers such as David Phillips, David Peterson, Don Carson, Wayne Grudem, Wallace Benn, Richard Pratt, whose topics have included the Holy Spirit, Epistemology, Ecclesiology, Spirituality & Liturgy and the Kingdom of God.

Our overriding concern is to examine theological issues in a biblical-theological framework. In other words, to respond to pressing issues first by turning to Scripture- read not through isolated proof-texting, nor through a theological scheme, but in appreciation of the development of salvation history as it unfolds in the Bible.

Reformed evangelical theology has traditionally conjured up images of dry, academic and irrelevant dusty tomes and futile discussions; our conviction is that nothing could be further from the truth! The challenge to which the Fellowship of Word and Spirit (FWS) addresses itself, is to bring a rigorous detailed understanding of the authoritative truth of God’s Word, together with a passionate and obedient faith, and a careful grasp of our contemporary world and its trends, with the goal of communicating the relevance and power of the Scriptures’ truth in the life-transforming power of the Holy Spirit. In short, good theology is God’s blueprint for a fulfilled life!

FWS is therefore committed to dialogue and discussion of reformed theology, seeking to reapply its whole world and life view to our own situation, culture and generation, so that we may help Christians to live out the call of God in their homes, workplaces, leisure activities, and even their churches! Our current mailing list of 400 has a wide spread of people, in various ministries, many in smaller churches with personal theological convictions not shared by their congregations. We are not a campaigning organisation seeking political influence. Nor do we have vast financial resources. But we do want to see God's Word applied powerfully in our churches to his glory.

Who are We?

FWS is overseen by a group of trustees, chaired by the Rev Jim Rushton, with Secretary Paul Darlington, and President Rt Rev Wallace Benn; with other members: Rev Simon Cox, Rev James Hughes, Rev Colin Randall, Rev Michael Walters, Rev Clare Hendry, Rev Simon Vibert,  Rev Peter Cook, Rev Rob Munro.

The activity and organisation of the Fellowship is managed through the Council: : Rob Munro (Chair, Trustee), James Hughes (Secretary, Trustee), George Crowder (Minutes secretary), Julian Milsom, David Bourne, Kim Bourne, David Walker, Mark Lucas, Jim Rushton (Trustee), Simon Cox (Trustee) and Clare Hendry (Trustee)

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